16 November 2013

Useful tool when helping Windows users install their OS

This post is more of a "note to self" than an attempt to be useful to somebody else.

I am even typing this post in Internet Explorer. It feels like a Pterodactyl is about to swoop into the room and try to shit on HTML standards.

In any case I gave my backup laptop to my kid and so had to install Windows on it. Why? Well I want her to be able to play games so Windows seems the best choice. Plus she can still learn open source programming languages, albeit in a funny way.

Luckily I remembered this blog that I read and they posted this really nifty tool called Ninite. Click the link here (http://ninite.com/). This helpful tool lets you download a single install file that installs free (either OSS or free to use) software like Libre Office, Flash, Notepad++, antivirus, etc.

Lets just say that it feels almost like an Ubuntu meta-package that helpfully installs everything you need, but you get to choose.

Plus it's all free and the only software I don't trust (at the moment) is Truecrypt. Why? Well we don't know who wrote it.

So save yourself a bunch of time and use Ninite :) It's a really useful tool to introduce kids to FOSS.