15 April 2011

Hassles with Uniforum and co.za registration

Dreams of Technology foiled by pokey companies
I've previously found that the Uniforum email form does not allow for providing more than a certain, fixed, number of nameservers.  Apparently nobody would ever require more than that number.  Well unless they're using a high availability DNS service (like www.dnsmadeeasy.com) that is.  If you happen to be using more nameservers than Uniforum has determined to be the maximum that South Africans need then they won't register your domain.

More recently I've found that they don't like nameservers where the FQDN lookup doesn't match the reverse lookup.  This is pretty much understandable, but what I don't understand is why it was working for a particular host I use until a month ago and is now no longer working.

I raised a support ticket with Uniforum and it took them a good couple of days to come back to me.  I wonder how a company that charges R 50 for every single co.za domain offers such poor service and such an antiquated API (email forms?  I mean really).

To put things in perspective.  To register a domain in .com costs about R 67 (without shopping around).  This is R 17 more than a co.za domain. 

There are many benefits to using a .com domain:
  1. foreign customers will recognize .com better, 
  2. it's easier to say on the radio, 
  3. domains can be locked against transfers, 
  4. you can register them automatically, 
  5. you can register them for multiple years at a time, and 
  6. you don't have to hassle with Uniforum.
Is it time for another company to replace Uniforum?

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