19 January 2010

Squid proxy server

My job title is "PHP developer" but because I'm the only person in the office familiar with Linux I get roped into administering the LAMP stack and other systems roles.

Yesterday I was asked to investigate methods of monitoring individual bandwidth use. I've installed Squid proxy server so that all traffic is getting routed through my pet Linux box that I keep spare just for such occasions.

Right, now I'm asked to install software to filter out sites not related to work (like OkCupid... uhoh). So I find a program that slots into Squid and install it.

Bang! Facebook and all other sites mysteriously get replaced with a kitten (from icanhazcheeseburger.com) chewing network cables captioned as "Ohnoes!!!1 kitty is eating my megahurtz!". Putting me in charge results in silliness. I hope they do it less often.

Anyway, despite my best efforts to make the access denied picture cute and adorable my users still hate me. It's tough being a webslave.

A little Linux server does an admirable job of a proxy server, local intranet server, firewall, and virus scanner. My pet Linux box was resurrected from our office "graveyard" because it was old, delapidated, and useless as a development server. Our developers use Microsoft products which require modern computers. I installed Ubuntu onto this box that Microsoft says is useless and now its running a production website, a local intranet, handling our proxy, caching our DNS, scanning traffic with Clam, filtering sites, and our users have commented that our internet is faster than it used to be. I didn't have to pay for any of the software or buy new hardware. Crazy monkey man would be sorely disappointed.

PS: If icanhazcheeseburger.com asks I'll happily remove their image. I hope that linking and crediting is good enough.

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